We’re hosting a charity art auction today (ends at 1pm est) using crypto currency

So I’ll start by saying none of us are professional artists haha. We’re a group of people who hangout, explore new blockchain projects, learn about new areas of blockchain, and do stuff like this occasionally.

One of our members, Clint, runs an amazing charity [https://www.flicharity.org/](https://www.flicharity.org/) To give him our support, a bunch of the community members have created their own “works” of art and we put them up for auction. At 1pm today the auction ends, all proceeds will go to the charity, and the works are getting shipped out!

You can see the art and bids at [http://parachute.theshobo.com/artauction](http://parachute.theshobo.com/artauction)

You find out telegram (where we all hang out) on our website at [https://www.parachutetoken.com/](https://www.parachutetoken.com/) (I think posting telegram here flags the post)

So check it out, tell us what ya think. I think it’s all about having fun with crypto and meeting new people, not just speculating prices 🙂 and that’s what we’re trying to do here.


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