Preparing for a Ethereum Hackathon/What to expect as a participant

I was planning attending EthDenver in a couple of months. I’m currently a 3rd-year undergrad student with no experience in developing dApps at all. I was initially planning on attending just to go to presentationsbut I decided that I would actually want to participate in building something since I was going.

What’s the best way start learning and developing in preparation for EthDenver? Should I learn about Solidity? Do people usually combine their dApps with web frameworks? Any sources of information would be good (I’m already reading [this](

Also, feel free to share about your experiences at hackathons (especially Ethereum ones), especially if you went in alone. I know hackathons can be a bad experience when going alone and/or if you are not prepared so I’d like to avoid at least one of those.

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