Probably the best Technical Analysis resource I’ve found.

I know many people on this subreddit are heavily involved in doing fundamental analysis to HODL in solid projects. However, I know a lot also do TA for day trading in combination with their FA.


I found this resource about 2 months ago and I wanted to share it with this community because it helped turn me into a profitable trader. It’s not just about TA though, they have many different segments and personalities who educate on various topics around Blockchain and cryptocurrency while being entertaining at the same time.

Now I’m addicted to profitable trading and not just HODLing – because I can do both.

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Hey Ethereum! How are you doing?

What Is Ethereum?
Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that operates on a Blockchain, in certain ways, not very unlike Bitcoin. However, the main difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is Ethereum’s use of Smart Contracts. While Bitcoin is anonymous, Ethereum’s Smart Contracts application creates a living document transmitted via code between merchants. In doing so, Ethereum can better prevent crime or other problems, since all transactions are inherently tracked.

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