Selling domain!

Hey all

Recently, CB team decided to make a change in their activity so we are interested in selling our domain:

If anyone is interested in purchasing it, please contact us here (through PM) or you can find a telegram contact ID on our website! We can provide google analytics at request.


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Barbarians Pre-Sale List Now Available

The pre-sale sale list for []( is now live at

Find out more about []( at: [](

In brief – we are building a retro inspired Etheruem card trading game that allows you to collect and battle your Barbarian warriors in the arena to level up, win prizes and even have new Barbarians join your Barbarian Horde!

With beautifully crafted pixel artwork, we have cards you’ll want to collect as well as play in the game.

We are building the dApp fully on the Ethereum mainnet with a web3js UI… no secondary token required to play and the game will be playable on desktop and mobile – no plugins required other than your Eth Wallet! We want to keep it strictly Ethereum without any sidechains or other tech to allow everyone to take part without any complexity.

The pre-sale will be offering a launch discount price on card packs, as well as some special player cards for sale.

Join the list at: – happy to answer any questions.

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