FanFare – World’s First Social Commerce Ecosystem

Have you ever tried shopping for clothes online but never bought anything because you are unsure how it will look on you?

Shopping online is tough because you don’t necessarily know what you are getting into. Does the picture online actually match the article of clothing? Does the piece of clothing intrigue you but you don’t know what to wear it with? How do the sizes run? Are they normally bigger or smaller?

All these are questions that make users hesitant when shopping online. However, all these questions will be answered through **FanFare**!

FanFare is a Social Commerce Ecosystem that connects content creators, consumers, and brands together on one platform. Let me explain how it works:

1. **Content Creators** create and publish a video on the FanFare platform. Once published, they can make a shout out to a brand that they want to target.
2. **Brands** review any video they want, and can verify the videos that they want to use.
3. Upon verifying a video, brands can add one of their products to the video that they want to advertise. Once a product is added, a “Buy” button is added to each video that directs viewers to the site where they can buy that product.
4. **Consumers** watch the videos to get a better understanding of the product

So basically, instead of viewing pictures online of products, you can watch a video that represents the product and how it fits/looks/feels. I highly recommend checking out this project as it has one of the strongest teams and group of advisors! They also have their app implemented and live with over 200,000 downloads!

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