Fluzcoin – The Intelligent Retail Currency using AI to overcome volatility

Personally, I think this coin is quite unique. The supply is flexible and adapt to the demand using AI. This should help keep the price stable for everyday usage. In general, it comes with the below benefits:

* Zero-fee transactions for consumers
* Privacy for consumers
* Independence for merchants
* KYC compliance for merchants
* Trusting the records of a distributed ledger for consumers and merchants
* Tradeable coin
* Transaction speed of less than 7s
* High throughput
* Tolerance to a large blockchain file and its indexing
* Fluz Coin usage in online Commerce, web and mobile payments
* Full Transparency
* On Demand Price Stabilization

More details here: [https://fluzcoin.io/](https://fluzcoin.io/)

I think what we need now in this market is something that we can use daily and would appeal to masses. I believe Fluzcoin has what it takes. What do you think?

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