VerusCoin is now live with Sapling! Ultra-fast private z-transactions are now a thing!

Verus is now the only other chain to utilize the newest technological advances in zero-knowledge proof private z-transactions along with only z-cash on launch day, enabling Sapling. Sapling utilizes a fraction of the resources that would be required and enables lightning fast truly private transactions to pave the way for worldwide and mobile adoption. This is only the latest feat the developers at Verus have accomplished, they just recently solved the nothing at stake problem that has haunted the pos community, all on top of their very own decentralizing energy efficient Verushash hashing algorithm that enables CPUs in laptops to competitively mine side by side with the beefiest of GPUs. This is just the beginning. Check out more at

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New Crypto Strategy Tokens are out!

This token is the asset token of the strategy tracking coins with the largest market capitalization in the previous three month period – BMxT10 TOKEN. Check out the video []( Highly volatile product. Your investment at risk. [](

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Crypto journalist Tim Copeland says there’s a big announcement for Chainlink tomorrow

Here’s the link to his tweet: [](

And another announcement was just made for another Chainlink partnership: [](

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