A Block Tank Primer

For those unaware, we (Hydro) are hosting our first ever Block Tank event tomorrow – a Shark Tank-style competition for dApps that will be viewed by an audience, as well as live-streamed on Thursday 17th May.

We recently announced the names of our featured participants (both existing & in-development dApps) and panel for the event. The judging panel includes ourself, alongside Huobi, Wanchain & Blockchain Founders Fund.

Our in-person audience will be able to cast their vote in realtime via QR code and a smart contract dApp that u/HydroNoah has created with Trust Wallet!

We have since introduced the featured dApps contending in more detail on Twitter. I have rounded up all the details for you below (in no particular order):


SilverWire software provides users the ability to transfer Ether and ERC20 tokens securely and for free, with the ability to make transfers reversible when sending Ether.


The first World Cup prediction game in the blockchain. Players are able to build their own tokens by setting their own predictions.


Siglo is a blockchain protocol for financial and digital inclusion. Using smartphone apps built on the Siglo protocol, these users will be able to earn airtime top-ups during their commute.
The first Siglo coin app is called Pig.gi and it has 1.2 million users in Mexico and Colombia!


Bottr is a next generation social economy powered by smart messaging that makes life simple and rewards you for doing what you love.

**Kora Network**

The Kora Network is expected to provide a low-cost, financial services platform for all. Accessible by SMS/USSD on feature phones with the Internet via a mobile app and powered by blockchain technology.

**The Rouge Project**

This open-source platform reduces costs, friction and the need for trusted middlemen to produce non-falsifiable, non-repudiable and unique usage coupons.


ScalaMed is a platform giving control, ownership, privacy, and knowledge back to patients. Based on blockchain technology, prescriptions are now portable and will never be lost or unavailable again.


Trive is a social science consensus engine that researches and clarifies facts through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom.


Cerebrum enables anyone to encrypt their data and host machine learning competitions to utilize the collective intelligence of models created by the world’s largest community of machine learning experts.


MESG is an open-source decentralized infrastructure which makes all technologies on or off the blockchain interoperable.

More details and updates can be found on our [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/@hydrogenapi) & [Medium](https://www.medium.com/@hydrogenapi).

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