ASIC water heater (Closed / Open Loop)

Design is free to anyone who wants to use it. This turns any water-heating endeavor into a profitable, or at least cost-reduced, enterprise. Imagine a crypto heated swimming pool, or anything else you could heat with the output from a small, medium, or large-scale mining operation. This design should scale very well if you make the individual parts “bigger.” Have fun!

Items used are a water / air intercooler off Ebay fed by 3/4″ water hose and a Bosche 12v pump model #0392022002.

Attained water temperatures of 50C / 122F for a week before I took it down.

Closed loop. (Requires Underclock)

Inside the box.

Open loop (Can run 100%).

The closed-loop is very quiet, the fans don’t need to run anywhere near 100% with things underclocked. I ran mine around 30%, and while enclosed the sound is equivalent to a box fan on medium-ish.

The open-loop is good for winter, especially if you can duct it into your HVAC intake.

Both setups can be run in reverse to cool the intake air charge through the intercooler if a cold water source can be obtained. (Cold part of A/C unit dunked in coolant that is fed through the intercooler, for example.)

Edit 180516t1518z: [Here is an example of the cooling loop that I have planned.]( Using this in conjunction with either prototype it should be possible to house any mining operation in any environment, so long as the cost of the cooling loop does not overwhelm the profits produced by the mining equipment. This is best suited to the open-loop configuration in conjunction with intake filters. If you live in the desert and have access to solar power, this may be for you.

**Practical use scenarios for closed-loop:**

Hot water for a bathtub / hot tub / swimming pool / shower.

Hot water for a radiator system to heat a residence.

Hot water to drive dishwashers / clothes washers.

[Sous vide cooking, as pointed out by /u/hazeldoo](

Using this as a pre-heater for a boiler.

**Practical use scenarios for open-loop:**

Most of the applications above, plus…

Drying your hair.

Drying your clothes.

Diverting the hot air output into your HVAC to heat your residence as I did, this saved me $80/mo in pure cost during the winter.

Diverting the hot air / water to a single room to create a sauna.

I’m available for hire.

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