Simple Bitcoin Invoicing as a Service


I’ve been working on a Bitcoin invoicing solution for the past month. It’s a web app that lets you create a very simple invoice and is focussed on the use cases of digital freelancers. I’ve just released it at []( and I’m looking for feedback from you fellow redditors here.

# Features

* Specify your Bitcoin address, amount and what you are invoicing for to create an invoice in under a minute.
* Email a beautifully drafted invoice to your client.
* Get notified by email when a payment is detected and when it reaches enough confirmations.
* Set expiry dates on invoices and automatically remind clients on the due date.
* Cancel invoices you’d like to withdraw.
* View your clients and their invoices along with how many of them have expired so far and the total payments they’ve made to you till date.
* Much more in the coming weeks like invoicing in fiat and refund management.

# Coming Weeks

I am looking for active feedback from people who would like something to easily manage and invoice their clients along with other advanced features to manage their Bitcoins. Feedback is much appreciated. Please let me know your questions in the comments below.

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