How Tracking fiat money is used as a political weapon by your masters.

Russia “Pulled out $100 Billion” .. out of fear whoaaaa..

…rant on related KYC as I just read article on how bitcoin ATM **make you shove your face** in the f’n cam to verify first.. FFS what have we become..

If they (Russia in linked piece) had **a private key instead of a custodial relationship** there would be no need to ‘pull’ $100B from the fed. (even states are not allowed freedom from BIS) similarly ‘our finances’ shouldn’t be used as a tool of control. It’s beyond privacy its about ‘freedom from control and coercion’.

Allowing any central group of individuals (elected or otherwise) **coerce the financial systems (bitcoin or fiat) is not a ‘western free world’. It’s Feudal!** google feudalism and see how well it fits your country (nation).

Don’t buy the excuses the lies on how we the people are bad and Ill-intentioned. (money laundering lol)..Just the fact they can not define the crime easily and resort to some MEME ‘money laundering’ oh my god i got caught washing a dollar in my pocket.. I mean really? Since when do we support a ‘the law’ that uses memes, cliches and quite frankly a meaningless phrase.

It all plays off of ‘dirty money’ and according to the dic it means ‘money obtained unlawfully or immorally’. Wait a second immorally? wow lets just jail people based on who’s idea of morality again? Oh yeah the monopoly men i get it. Ok stay with it .. its coming OK ‘unlawfully’ OK So now wait a second every time I spend dollars I can be stopped in the middle of the transaction and ask to prove myself and identify myself? Let’s stop people at the grocery store then before they check out! Remember bitcoin is a commodity.NO NO NO that is not Freedom it is not constitutional AT FN all SO TAKE YOUR kyc AND send it back to totalitarian communist china or other despotic nation of sheep where that kind of Orwellian policy is welcomed.

You catch me ‘INJURING someone’ and your welcome to detain me but other than that you are acting UNLAWFULLY. And your ‘legal statutes’ are Not de jure they are De facto and not consented.. Don’t tread on us!

Don’t buy the lie that people can not be free and we can not raise public funds voluntarily. (‘force’d taxation)

If 1% or more likely .001% of the population is doing something injurious there are other ways to catch them instead of coercing the 99.99%! Those who give up their freedom for security deserve neither – Ben F

Stop Spying on us! (where are your papers please)Stop Stealing from us (give us a % of your labor or go to jail and if you resist we swat you)

WTF over??

Young people Wake up .. these people you call ‘leaders’ and ‘officials’ are predators. If you think you are part of the club, trust me you aint. Can our societies mind controllers (mente govern) stop stealing, threatening , caging and killing people? Can we deal with that crap locally?

I want my pre amble MOFOs!Life Liberty Property ..bch (BiaaCH)

said nothing about ‘security’ and I don’t need big daddy or mommy to tuck me in at night.


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