Blockchain and Healthcare are an excellent match – What are some coins leading the way in this regard?

A lot of people have a lot of different theoretical usecases for blockchain – Supply Chain, Governance, dAPPS, etc etc. One of the more “real world” uses that I’ve seen for it is tracking data and securing customer records.

An article published recently reveals that the outdated medical record system is increasingly targeted by data theft to use patient’s medical records for identity theft:

A solution is available in blockchain, but like Cannabis, the first one to reach that goal of becoming accepted and used is always going to be the winner.

I know there are several coins attempting to work on the issue, I’d like to make up a comprehensive list. Here are the few that I know of:

– [Medicalchain](
– [MedicCoin](
– [Medishares](
– [Medibloc](

Along with other coins that prioritize online identity, such as:

– [Selfkey](
– [Civic](

Since I primarily deal with a lot of data and recordkeeping, are there any coins on the list I am missing here? I’d like to add them to this list to have a reference for them for later.

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