Blockchain Gaming Crypto Use Cases

I’ve been long burnt by ICOs & fake whitepaper projects promising the world but running out of runway and disappearing, exit scamming or both.

However, to me, the way forward has to lie in sound fundamentals beyond wanton speculation. I think this is really important and as the tech progresses, crypto needs more legit use cases that we can see & experience.

I’ve always thought in game currency provides a very accessible and sensible use case for blockchain & crypto technology, to also attract new users too. By combining soft in game currencies with conversions to crypto for trading outside the game, it really does strike me as a very realistic and current use case. Obviously scaling is very important if games are to be played by a large number of people in the general population.

Just a few examples….

– Gods Unchained hearthstone clone on ETH
– Loom is working on another zombies card game clone of hearthstone
– I just saw interesting screenshots of this beta on bitcointalk ( of a game called Blockfight on Halo Platform with an interesting comparison video by the OP against Etheroll (3min dice roll time on ETH blockchain) vs instant rolling in Blockfight which was pretty impressive as apparently Halo doesn’t require gas & can scale to 5000tps

– Virtuepoker on ETH by Consensys

– List of more games here also

Would be nice if my daily grinding of quests to earn soft in game currency in games like Hearthstone could be converted into another form of currency.

Interested in any thoughts & opinions about blockchain gaming – could this be the solid foundation crypto needs moving forward?

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