Bitcoin for Wedding Registry

My fiancee and I would like to add bitcoin to our wedding registry. It is more convenient for our guests as many will be flying from different countries and physical gifts can be tricky. We would like to set up an easy way for those not comfortable personally buying bitcoin and sending to our bitcoin address.

Is there a service that allows guests to buy bitcoin gift cards that we can redeem in bitcoin? The link below shows such a service but we are trying to find one that operates in the U.S as well and allows online purchases of gift cards.

Is there a service that allows guests to buy bitcoin and automatically deposit it into our address?

We are going to place our bitcoin address on the site and a Coinbase referral link for those who already know or are interested in learning how to use bitcoin.

Thank you for your advice!

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This is the time to show to power of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

**Guys we all know that in Kerala (India) the situation is very very worst because of worst flood hits in nearly a century**

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**All the expenses will be very transparent and will be donated to kerala’s chief minister’s fund and if we get enough amount then i will personally go to Kerala and help people and also i will share photos and all expenses will be shared here in bitcoin and in INR (Indian rupee) also**

So please guys help

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