Summary of the May 18 MIT L2 Summit, discussing layer two scaling, complete with description and links to presentation videos (+ my top 3 favorites)

List also available on Twitter: [](

1. Introduction (Neha Narula, Director MIT DCI). Presenting an argument why L2 scaling matters (on-chain doesn’t scale). [](

2. The Near Future of Lightning (Connor Fromknecht, Lightning Labs). An overview of lightning, discussing amps, splicing, watchtowers (encrypted blobs). [](

3. Non-Custodial Crypto-to-Crypto Trading (Sharon Goldberg, Commonwealh Crypto Inc.), discussing ideas for decentralized exchanges. [](

4. Discreet Log Contracts (Tadge Dryja, MIT). An overview of the tech, similar to talks at previous events, and a demo. [](

5. Using Truebit for verifying offchain computations (Sami Makela, Truebit). Taking computation off-chain and only using the blockchain for disputes. Low on technical details. [](

6. Panel on State Channels (five participants). Talking about different state channel solutions and how they operate. [](

7. Interledger, L2, L3, and Beyond (Evan Schwartz, Ripple engineer). A layer between L2 solutions (seems excessive to me). [](

8. Scriptless Scripts (Andrew Poelstra, Blockstream). Basic overview, plus blind atomic swaps, zero knowledge contingency payments, Lightning payment hops. [](

9. Building with Lightning (Alex Bosworth, Lightning App Dev). Discussing real problems from implementing Lightning micropayments, and possible mitigations. [](

10. Fireside Chat (Elizabeth Stark, Lightning Labs). Her experience working on Lightning. [](

My three favorite talks (chronological):

2. The Near Future of Lightning [](

8. Scriptless Scripts [](

9. Building with Lightning [](

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