[2018 Cryptocurrency Forums and Chat Review] Participate in the first study to address how users feel about crypto chat platforms and forums in 2018.


– Results of this study will be posted here and on all other participating channels and social channels after completion on the 23rd July 2018.

– All submissions are completely anonymous.

– To date, the study has been completed by over 450 participants from over 18 countries, with a target of sampling over 1,500 global cryptocurrency users.

– The aim of this study is to ascertain exactly how the state of the cryptocurrency industry and markets have affected user perceptions, and the user points of view regarding chat and forum platforms today.

– Optionally an email address may be provided which we will use to contact a randomly selected winner after 23rd July to receive a $100 Amazon gift card, as well as selecting a charity of their choice to receive a donation of $50USD for every 100 recipients to the study.

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