Craig Wright actually did completely original research! Just kidding, I caught him blatantly plagiarizing yet again.

[Old plagiarism 1](

[Old plagiarism 2](

New plagiarism from [this paper](

Here are the two uncited sources: [source 1]( and [source 2]( There may be more uncited sources, but I got bored. These two sources cover almost half of the paper.

As before, the plagiarism is blatant and intentional. He basically substituted the word ‘transaction’ for ‘infection’ and made minimal other textual changes. All the math has been stolen because Craig [simply can’t do math](

Various Examples:

* [Craig’s paper](
* [Source 1](

and (maybe the most obvious — just click back and forth on these two images)

* [Craig’s paper](
* [Source 2](


* [Craig’s paper](
* [Source 2](

Serially taking credit for other people’s work. It’s the Craig Wright way.

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Asking Andreas M. Antonopoulos to accept donations over lightning network ⚡

/u/andreasma can you please accept donations over the lightning network ? so to increase lightning adoption


This is his donation page:


as you can see it does not have a lightning option, though he is getting many donations per week or so.

**EDIT:** It is possible… –> mempool monitoring site already accept lightning donations


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