Daily Market Recap – 07/18 – Market Cap Grows $25 Billion Overnight and Cryptos Are Uptrending


In an awesome and exhilarating move, crypto land suddenly started moving up today and the market capitalization grew by over $20 Billion making $295 Billion after staying in the $250 Billion level for the month. Growth rate jumped over 8%. Yesterday’s 24 hour volume is 14.6 Billion to today’s numbers at $20 Billion.

When Bitcoin was around $8k, the total market cap was at $340 Billion and this growth in volume can signal a good continous bull run for the market. The cryptos has increased 33% from $15 to $20 billion per day and this has been the highest volume so far since June 10. The markets are very green and altcoins are having a party. Stellar, Cardano, EOS, Zcash, 0x, Icon and Ardor are making a bull run at this moment.

There are tons of growth in the Top 100 and today, I’ll just mention those who made double digit gains. The top performing altcoin of the moment is Ardor which has rocketed 60% to $0.261 after its Binance listing announcement. Steem and Dogecoin both jumped to 15%. Zcash gained up 14% to $212. There are several 12 percenters, starting with Icon going for a 12.8% jump to $1.66, Bitshares climbed 12.5%,  and 0x has made 12% to trade at $1.25. Further down the list is Nem with an 11% rise to $0.193 and Zilliqa which is up 11.6%.

You can read full article at [https://dna.coinve.st/news/articles/2018-07-18/Market_Cap_Grows_$25_Billion_Overnight_and_Cryptos_Are_Uptrending](https://dna.coinve.st/news/articles/2018-07-18/Market_Cap_Grows_$25_Billion_Overnight_and_Cryptos_Are_Uptrending)

Happy Moon Everyone!

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