Is Algorithmic Trading Necessarily Better Than Human Trading ??

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Tim Tam – CoinFi CEO (ex-hedge fund manager)

Jonney Liu – Head of Crypto Research (ex-hedge fund manager)

Eugene Khaimson – Head of Quantitative Analytics


Algorithmic trading, or algo trading for short, is a term commonly thrown around in traditional finance and usually brought up when talking about institutional money or market makers.

It introduces how algo trading applies to today’s crypto markets, how high-frequency traders profit from algos, and why algo trading may actually benefit the average, everyday traders in the long run.

Other topics include *”Effects of Algorithmic Bot Trading in Today’s Crypto Markets “, ” Benefits of Market Maker Influence and Strategies for Traders “*

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Seeking the opportunity: Cryptocurrency Regulation Postponed

The Canadian government has recently postponed once again, releasing the final cryptocurrency regulation as well as Blockchain-based companies, stating that no further update will be released to the public before the end of 2019. This decision is mainly based on the actual political context as the government is currently in pre-election mode and such moves have been put on hold.
The first reactions are divided as some companies see in this an opportunity for the industry as the Canadian government is basically leaving the door open for less strict rules than those published earlier this year in their draft. On the other side, stakeholders are worried that this further delay will affect Canada’s position on the international cryptocurrency market.
The BAC (Block Association of Canada) Executive Director, Kyle Kemper, declared: “The decision to delay the proposed regulations bodes well for the Canadian blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The government is committed to an innovation agenda and sometimes … it may be best to observe and intervene as little as possible,” saluting this way a controverted decision regarding the cryptocurrency regulation.

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