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I recently heard many good things about the decentralized storage network Datum. For anyone not familiar with it, let me clarify what I’m going to write about. As already mentioned, Datum is a decentralized storage network
powered by the Data Access Token (DAT). It is a decentralized storage of personal data that takes place on their blockchain. The data stored on the blockchain are not images, videos and recordings but important personal information such as user’s location, health information and habits. This informations have been up to now stored by larger Internet companies and a Central database. The government can also obtain information about the individual with the help of a central database without any problems. Data, on such central databases, is under the constant influence of hacker attacks, which can get all the data together at the same time. For these reasons, Datum decided that they will use blockchain because even in the case of a hacker attack, only one user can access the data since each user has a different private key and the data is separate from each other. Decentralization makes the data anonymous and the government has no access to it. The user can decide who will be able to access his data.


When I read the presentation on the Datum whitepaper, I immediately saw the benefits of such a network. Since they have already released the beta version for Android and iOS, I decided to try it out in practice. The application is available on the android market, and as I immediately noticed, opinions about the application were mostly positive. After a quick installation, I started using the application. First, the user must create an account and confirm it. Immediately upon entering the application, I was impressed by a simple yet extremely user-friendly interface. I also tested the function in which you receive 100 DAT Tokens for mail information (DAtum sends you only one mail) and I was impressed by it. The application also has an integrated wallet in the application where you can see all DAT transactions. I only miss more data sharing opportunitis, which, however, are coming up soon (Facebook, Twitter, …). I generally liked the user experience very much and I can not wait for them to gain new users and upgrade the app.



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