Digi.me integrates Uport

I’m following the Uport project since the beginnings and think it is one of the central elements of the Ethereum ecosystem (decentralized Identity). Now there is this App [digi.me](https://digi.me/), which allows to use the verified identity on the blockchain through Uport, if I understand it correctly.

For the moment, I don’t really understand, why the [digi.me](https://digi.me/) App is needed. Wouldn’t it be possible to use the Uport App directly to identify someone for an online service? My understanding of Uport is, that you build up an identity by adding credentials from institutions and individuals which can be considered as trustworthy, because this records are immutable.

Is this cooperation with [digi.me](https://digi.me/) kind of a provisionally solution, because Uport itself isn’t recognized by services like Facebook etc…?

Would love to hear some inputs…


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Proof of Custody for Ethereum 2.0

I’m watching Vitalik describe the new Ethereum 2.0 Casper + Sharding design [here](https://youtu.be/qAiPIE0sgqU).

During the first 15 minutes, he describes a Proof of Custody mechanism which is to used in crosslink verification.

Does anyone know where I can find a good explanation of how this mechanism works?


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