Super proud to be one of the first platforms in the world compensating playlist curators via the blockchain

Our blockchain music-streaming startup [Choon]( has been live for six weeks, but I’ve been reticent to post until I felt we had something unique that really was worth talking about, and I think today we might have just managed it 😉

Today we’ve launched **monetized playlists** which allow any user on Choon to create a playlist and receive a % royalty when their playlist is played.

I’d thought about the need for something like this for most of my 15 years in the music industry, but it took building a new streaming platform on the blockchain to turn it into reality.

The royalty comes from the artist’s stream payments: but artists are free to set whichever percentage they wish to give to playlist curators, from 0% to 100%. All royalties are accounted and paid at the end of each day in our NOTES token. It’s super cool.

As far as I’m aware, this is the first time playlist curators can get paid natively within a music marketplace and is being amazingly well received by our 2,500 artists who are already using the platform. Hope you guys get to check out the platform and perhaps create some playlists yourselves!

Platform: [](

A little more about playlists, and why we think this is so important.


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