Win crypto by playing games – Dungeon Defenders 2 – LOOT

Dungeon Defenders II is set to become the “first major game” to offer blockchain rewards, according to developer Trendy Entertainment.

The developer is partnering with software and tech company Signal Zero to utilize Loot, its “decentralized blockchain solution based on player skill.” The blockchain protocol is expected to be integrated into Dungeon Defenders II’s rewards system in Q1 2019.

Loot works by recording player performance on the blockchain, which offers “proof of skill” and generates new tokens by comparing that data to other players’ in-game performances.

“Our partnership with Trendy Entertainment means that Dungeon Defenders II will be the first major game released to allow game publishers and developers to share wealth with players without sacrificing any existing revenue generation,” said Signal Zero founder Tobias Batton.

After two years in Early Access, Dungeon Defenders II was released in June 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Between its first two entries, the tower defense action-RPG series has garnered nearly 8 million downloads.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft said it was exploring the utilization of blockchain as a way to create one-of-a-kind digital items that “cannot be replicated by anyone and can be 100 percent owned by you.” To learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, check out IGN’s in-depth explanation of Bitcoin.

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Coinbase abandons Bitcoin principles, bans accounts it doesn’t like

Bitcoin is an open ecosystem, and open protocol, meant to free people and their money.

Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin exchange, just gave Bitcoin’s openness a giant middle finger by banning Gab, the free speech social network, from their platform.

Bitcoin is supposed to be anti-censorship. But it can’t be that if the on-ramps into Bitcoin are controlled by biased gatekeepers who ban people they don’t like.

And worse yet, they’re setting a precedent that other bitcoin businesses may follow. How long until you get banned?

If you agree this is a dangerous precedent to set, contact @coinbase on Twitter and let them know won’t be using them unless they reinstate Gab’s account.



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Bitcoin June Crash – Regulation, manipulation or Hack?

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The Bitcoin price today is now officially less than half of what it was at the start of 2018. Sudden 12% price pullbacks are being blamed on the hacking of obscure South Korean exchange, Coinrail. In terms of market cap, the recent Bitcoin market crash has seen the cryptocurrency market lose over $42 billion in value

As a Bitcoin trader, have you ever happened to do business with South Korean exchange Coinrail?

Thanks to Coinrail being the 90th least most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, there is a strong likelihood that you’ve never heard of the platform. – At least not until recently. Coinrail, after all, is currently being blamed for single-handedly wiping $42 billion from the cryptocurrency market. Specifically, thanks to a June 10th weekend hack.

There is just one problem. Namely, that Coinrail is most certainly not to blame for the recent Bitcoin Crash.

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