Bitcoin price manipulation: does it really matter?

Bitcoin recovered today to a price level above $7,500. The coin price dropped yesterday because of the criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Should this concern impact investors’ thought process about investing in Bitcoin?


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Ethbay: A Decentralized Marketplace where users can buy and sell using Ethereum

Ethbay is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace where users can buy and sell using Ethereum. In the future Ethbay plans to add additional features to its platform including Ethbay Services where users can also buy and sell services using Ethereum (essentially a decentralized fiverr). As well as Ethbay Classifieds where users can buy and sell locally using Ethereum as a base currency. Ethbay is one of the first truly anonymous marketplaces in existence. No personal information is required to sign up and users are ready to buy and sell immediately after registration. Transactions are protected using an ultra secure Ethereum smart contract escrow to keep both the buyer and the seller safe. Unlike standard marketplaces that charge 10-15%+ fees to sellers, Ethbay charges a low 1% fee making it a highly preferred option among sellers. The platform also eliminates listing fees that many marketplaces charge.

More information about Ethbay can be found at [](

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