FYI : CryptoCoinCoach Telegram Chan doesnt live up to their hype at all!

as little pre-information : a friend of mine is member of this chan and wanted to share some informations for those that consider buying the service – but he wasnt able to post here at all (not enough karma) so i offered him to post what he has made up in a documentfile. I am a member of the Telegramchan myself, so i can back up what he says here, and i will give an own Example as well, adding it to the bottom of HIS (my friend’s) text.

**—– here starts the text of my friend ———-**

Hi fellows!

Long story short, like every newbie in crypto I had a dream: to get rich with Telegram signal groups. Yes, typical mistake of a greedy dreaming guy.

So I joined lots of free signal groups, followed some signals, lost some cash and tried to figure out who were the best telegram groups, but my aim wasn’t good enough and I fell into a PND trap.
The reason why I post this has nothing to do on a personal vendetta against CryptoCoinCoach, but to warn people of what he really offers. I wish there was a report like this at web, but it seems that this is too grey area and there are very very few reviews of dozens and dozens of groups / sites at web.
This is basically a warning for whole crypto community!

**The group levels**
1. Free Telegram channel
2. VIP channel – Pays 0.02BTC for lifetime membership
3. Premium channel – Pays 0.05BTC for lifetime membership
4. Hidden rich channel – Yes, there is a higher level for rich people with few BTCs of bank.

**What he offers**
[Google doc form](
If you dig onto the viewform we get
✅ Premium Signals and BitmexSingals💢 [True](/teq)
✅ Level 2 inside info (news, listings..)💎 [True](/teq)
✅ Extra Day Trading Techniques (Scalping, Swing trades and more..) [Sort of true](/agl)
✅ Professional Daily Help 💎 [Lie](/str)
✅ Understanding basic TA (Technical Analysis) and charts 💎 [Huge Lie](/str)
✅ Join to our Premium Pumps 💢 [True](/teq)
✅ Join to our Premium Channel + chat with admins that are active 24/7 ! [Got erased](/str)

So let’s speak of what he doesn’t offer at all:
**Extra Day Trading Techniques**: Sometimes we get them, but is far from being daily.
**Professional Daily Help**: This doesn’t exist at all.
**Understanding basic TA**: One of main reasons why I’d joined this group and paid 0.05 BTC for it was because I wanted to understand basics of TA. There is no decent guide at web for this. There are many information, but is far from making you understand how to trade.
Well, guys, this is the worst part of the group tbh. There is no guide for TA and TAs are rarely shown in a signal.
**Join to our Premium Channel + chat with admins that are active 24/7**: Channel got deleted long ago. Why? Well, too many people complaining about signals and what happened to coin X, etc.

**PND signals**: Lately premium are warned 1 day before free channel, but this is a pyramid. Rich channel gets signal first, then premium, then vip and then free channel.
My advice, if you join a PND ride from this guy be smart and lock profits quick, or at least, set your SL to your entry point. Don’t be greedy, because market will rekt hard after “magic pump”.
In fact, last breakout call at BCPT was funny. When given to premium price was at 1000s, then when given to VIP price was at 960 and when give to free was even bellow that. So you can see that basically every other group sold to top of the pyramid and got rekt. So basically last PND was even a Con.
If you are part of free channel remember this: market can pump slightly, but you are giving liquidity for other channels to sell their profits.
**Marketing**: I congratulate him and his team for this. He has a really good marketing team that promotes all their winnings and leads you to believe that this is it, this is the moment where you will sit down, do nothing, but be aware of signals and get rich.
Only part he heavily misses is a monthly report.
**News**: He’s not bad in this, but not godlike either.
**BTC signals**: He is good at it. These are the only signals he’s constant with and give good info about this. But don’t expect a great TA explanation. Most of the times you get a text and that’s it.

**Empty Promises**: Those spoken before that do not exist. Extra day trading, professional daily help, understanding basic TA and premium channel.
General Signals: He gives too many signals daily, even if market is bearish or bullish and even gives more signals at free group. So you need to split your bank in 50 or more if you want to go with every single signal given.
This is way too many. I believe a good signal trader gives very few signals monthly, but with accuracy.
**TA Signals**: As stated before this is very very rare. Signals are given like in any free channel.
buy again 8000 zone
Sell 9000-10k
Stop 7850, risky one
**God mode on**: Every time a target is hit he will post it everywhere, including free channel ofc. Every time a SL is hit he won’t say anything or very very rarely he will say to leave without loss or to invalidate entries.
Sometimes market doesn’t even reach buy zone and he still post that he was right. Or can hit stop loss and he will say he was right as well.
**No monthly report**: Yes, a decent group should held this every single month, so we could track coins we even missed.

**Conclusion**: All in all I don’t recommend this group aside if you want some PND rides.
There are other groups that even in free channels show their TA reports before or after a coin did well. Those are valuable, so be smarter than me and look for groups that show their profit and loss every month, those that do TA, those that aren’t affraidd to they do lose money too and don’t do accurate signals 24/7.
Wish I could afford to join others and do reports, but I can’t.

Wish you a happy new year full of profits!!!

**——- here Ends his part ———————**

i want to add something based on an example that happend “recently”, and i try to do this with screenshots – this way nearly ALL coins and profits are posted (but not only in coachs chan, but in nearly all – my suggestion would be to avoid them all, there are just VERY few that actually are worth the money, cause they give very good analyses, explain TA and you can basically LEARN (!) of those channels. follow their “hints” blindly will nearly always lead to beeing a poor fud and lose the money in the long run.

anyway, on 20.12. the following was posted :

” buy dent below 27 and hold till 01.01. ” PROOF :
reason for this is quite obvious : dent had big news coming (own exchange) during rest of december, so this “hint” wasnt a bad one.
later on (i think on 30.12.) they added the targets of 37 40 45 at 30.12. after 18:00

on 04.01. – after dent had rushed up to 42 (thx to new own exchange and even more 2 exchange listings) they posted the following :

on the first sight, u might think “nice profit made thanks to them” but this calculation has a major flaw :


they said “buy below 27” – which was very hardly possible during the timespan mentioned, – dent only touched 26 and 99% of time was 27 or above – so if you followed coach here, u would NOT have bought, because the price WASNT (!) below 27 99% of the time, which was the “buying zone”

second, they said “hold till 01.01.” – and the price on 01.01. was 35 at tops and 30 at bottom – the sell orders they gave (37 40 45) at 30.12. 18:02 were NEVER met before 04.01. – you might say they were met on 30.12. – thats true, but BEFORE (!) they posted the sell orders!

so whats the conclusion of this?

if you followed the “advice” blindly, you would

1st) not have bought (because buying below 27 was hardly possible, if you placed your order at 26, u were behind a very large buywall that never fell!

2nd) lets assume you KNEW big news were coming (like guys that follow dent, for example myself ;)), and you bouught at 27, and THEN Did what coach told you, you wouldnt have sold for anything close to the maximum either, cause at 01.01. (hold till there they said!) price was “low” compared to the following heighs.

3rd) they claim the big big profit thanks to push to 42 (sales at 37 and 40 according to their sellorders), but you never bought into the coin in the first place, and IF you did, you would have sold before (is what they suggested).

and nearly ALL telegram channels work this way. they claim profits you will never be able to generate, cause you wont be able to buy in (they post buy below XXX, but the price is never there) or you wont be able to sell at the sellorders (they say “sell XXX, and XXX is touched, but your order is never eaten up because there are walls, for example)

if you want my 50 cents, i suggest that you dont spend ANY money on this kind of channels, and instead LEARN TA with free vids you can find on youtube – i wont give any hints so noone things i want to advertise an “opponent” of coach – i dont!

IF you want to spend, then spend it on services actually analysing charts and teaching you how to analyse!

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