Governments Love Blockchain Tech



From taking money for bribes, to building a border wall, from taking donations, to paying taxes, from converting pensions into petro, to accepting donations or contributions, you get the point cryptocurrency is being used and thought of daily to manipulate the systems and to profit from its use, keeping lots of unanswered questions and leaving behind very little trace to track. Making it the best currency for these actions.

Whether you think the actions are right or wrong this is proof that it is in the best interest of world wide leaders to make cryptocurrencies work. Millions of dollars are invested daily on research and developing cutting edge technology on this matter. Investments are made daily on the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency world. From the most expensive real state office spaces, to banks, from attorneys, to video games, from transportation, to healthcare, blockchain technology is the way to go.

This technology will be used for greed and evil since it can be made to have a high degree of anonymity, many leaders that accepted donations or bribes illegally in the past and went to court when they got busted, would have been in a better position to hide the scam if they would of used cryptocurrency. This proofs a point that they want this technology to be running legally as soon as possible to use it. Accepting paid vacations and payments, etc via blockchain is a better choice.

Congressional bills will be passed and the technology will be as safe as the lawmakers can make it, perhaps for their best interest and not ours but that’ll work. Bitcoin and Shitcoins are here to stay. World leaders have their own wallets for sure, my speculations have the “why not” argument. It’s unknown the amount of Bitcoins current presidents own but by tracking some of their actions, it is obvious they have a wallet and own more than one Satoshi.

The drive by media will try to distract you from the reality and hope to divert as many as possible into believing their lies or rumors about the cryptoworld, half of the comments they make are illegal and misleading, they also take money to post fake news and make up stories for a Buck, which is slang for a USD.

We live in a world where everyone has to be greedy and look up for themselves. I can’t sugar coat any of my words, just like every single positive idea or invention created by mankind was used for bad or evil, the same thing will happen to cryptocurrencies, it’ll be your choice on how to use this technology to your advantage without hurting anyone. Precious metals, gems, FIAT money, and credit cards are still being used for bad since day one, what makes anyone think any different about this new currency?

Do your part and help the future of  this cutting edge technology, and when something negative is being said about this subject walk away from it, don’t allow anyone to contaminate your thoughts with negativity. There are things we can’t change, but there are things we can use to be part of history and to shape the infrastructure of world wide economic success.

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