HELP! Wirex won’t let me access my wallet!

I have had a Wirex Wallet for a while but recently I tried to log in and it says it’s not available in my country yet (USA) and put me on a list to recieve it. This doesn’t make sense to me as I have already had an account and have crypto stored in it. I just want to get in to transfer my crypto out but I can’t get to the screen to do it. Anyone else have this problem?

[UPDATE]: So I have emailed customer support and have yet to receive a response. It is the weekend so maybe Monday they will respond. I also logged out, deleted the app, re-installed and logged in while using a VPN server in the UK and it still takes me to the same screen which I will attach below. I have had a wallet with them for months, I do not understand why I have to be on a waitlist to receive an account I’ve had for months and have been actively using.

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