HyperBitcoinization Podcast: Awesome conversation about what is and isn’t possible with mass adoption of Bitcoin.

I’ve just started listening to [POV Crypto](https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pov-crypto-podcast/id1436674724?mt=2) lately. These guys put on great, realistic conversations about whats going on in this space. The two hosts both work in Cryptocurrency and have their own perspectives to share. They often debate with each other about possibilities, so they frequently end each others echochambers, which is REALLLYY refreshing.

They recently did an episode with Michael Taiberg about HyperBitcoinization, and the incentive structures that come from the hard limit, as well as short and long term fundamental changes in the incentive to purchase Bitcoin.

[POV Crypto Episode 10: HyperBitcoinization with Michael Taiberg](https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pov-crypto-episode-10-hyperbitcoinization-michael-taiberg/id1436674724?i=1000423429381&mt=2)

Would love to have a discussion with anyone else who has listened to this episode, and see what about the hosts analysis is realistic or not.

The “technology stack” that David refers to I thought really interesting. I never considered a concept where different cryptocurrencies might generate systems that layer on to eachother, as opposite to layer 1, layer 2 systems on the same underlying blockchain. But I guess it’s possible.

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