I created Decentralized App to extract, polish and trade digital minerals

Myself and friends of mine have implemented a marketplace to buy ORE for a symbolic amount of ETH which is possible to extract to get a random but unique rough gemstone. There are 50 types of gemstones at the moment which are randomly generated during the purchase process straight on the blockchain. It means the buyer becomes an ultimate owner of the gem. We tried to be as much obtainable as possible therefore the prices for ORE and extraction are very low.

The states of a gemstone:

* rough mineral
* polished mineral

The part which I like the most is the Graphic interface of this project. The gemstones rotation images are generated based on the data from blockchain and every of those should be unique in theory. Only an owner of the gem can view the fully rotation image to see the details of the stone. Users can review their purchases and see their portfolio in the user profile page. There is also possibility to extract a rough mineral to get the precious polished one. Auctions and trading are not fully supported but will to come, together with other suggested functionalities from our community.

That was the basic concept and you can test the platform for free on Rinkeby network available at [http://beta.cryptominerals.co/marketplace](http://beta.cryptominerals.co/marketplace)

Any feedback from you guys would be really appreciated!

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