I lost £8 transferring from Copay wallet to Bread wallet. I’m not complaining, just curious to know what happened

Hi, I had a small wallet with £8 to experiment and one day I decided to try Bread wallet to test it out. These are the steps I did

1. I tried to experiment with my Copay seed and see if it will import my £8 to Bread. Didn’t worked just showed £0
2. On Bread went to “Unlink my device” to create a new wallet with a new seed
3. Sent £8 to Bread newly created wallet from Copay, selected the option Economic fee. I just copied the address from Bread to Copay
4. **Copay transferred the money** but until this day I haven’t received the money to my Bread wallet

Things I’ve tried:

* Typed my Copay seed on Electrum and it shows the confirmed transfer
* Typed my Bread seed on Electrum and £0
* Tried to reinstall Bread and restore the previous seed

I only have those 2 seeds, my phone is not rooted or something and I’m not trying to recover the £8 I’m just confused and I want to know what happened and look for your opinion

This is the transaction link [https://blockchain.info/address/1EXtiUKSrVbugnTY2JZPJHBq2Br2FXgfvj](https://blockchain.info/address/1EXtiUKSrVbugnTY2JZPJHBq2Br2FXgfvj)

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