I’m so disappointed how crypto prices reacted to yesterday’s stock market “crash”

I like to invest into crypto because I see it as an alternative to the traditional financial system. I hoped when [this economical bubble we are currently living in](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBcOyv8LZ8s) deflates, some money is going to stream into crypto and it’s going to get stronger.


But today we could see the exact opposite. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had one of the biggest drops this year and crypto prices followed. While other alternatives to fiat, like gold, had a really good day. I understand that most of the money in crypto is just speculation and everyone just keeps treating it as the “more volatile stock market”. But I would be lying if I said; I was not a bit disappointed that the original idea and community around crypto faded away. Nobody is going to want to buy bitcoin if we have a new recession, everyone is going to be running away into safer assets.


And what is a decentralised asset worth if nobody trusts it?

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