In need of being pointed in the right direction! (Local wallet, node, api)

Hi /Bitcoin. I am in need of some advice, my dev and I have come to the agreement based on what the bitcoin community recommends when building anything online that is crypto related.


We are currently in the process of creating an invoiced based OTC type exchange and have been using []( s receive api to generate and track addresses with payments being made to them. However we are struggling with their service as they are inconsistent and untrustworthy. We also want to ensure we have full control over the main wallet.


Where should we start as we would like to host a local bitcoin node that has will enable us to create and emulate what []( RP v2 API does. We need a way of having a local wallet to the server which can generate bitcoin addresses on command, track bitcoins sent to each address and see how many confirmations each payment to a specific wallet has.


Any advice would be recommended

Thank you

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