My Cousin who boasted off how big ICOs (ones who succeed to raise $200M + ) are the ones to watch out for. I always took the B-route and CZ now endorses my strategy.

I’ve never looked up to ICOs which raised $100 or $200 Million and get sold off in hours or (unfortunately) during pre-sale. I have always looked up to ICOs that have:

– Have a Real vision
– Have a team that has the genes to do it
– Have a prototype product or existent product (as an advantage)
– Have focus o public sale more than private-sale

I’ve always kept it sweet and simple for myself, only then I’ve been able to make decent profits out of QKC, Wan, ABT. Though missed CPX, but I’m also into newer ones like Ubex, Liven, Mandala, Kleros and a few others. I have always looked upto ICOs that have these elements, once the check boxes are done, I’ve very little to worry.

The CZ article I mentioned:

The article about CZ is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of FOMO-led ICOs Vs real ICOs. If you get the tactics mentioned in this article, you don’t need any help, just DYOR and choose the ICOs.

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