MyCrypto 1.2.0 is LIVE: Desktop App w/Ledger & TREZOR support. Private keys disabled on the browser.

Hey all, I’m proud to announce that [MyCrypto 1.2.0]( is now live.

The two biggest updates for this release are as follows:

###The MyCrypto Desktop app has officially launched!

* Now with [Ledger]( and [TREZOR]( Support.
* Has undergone [full security audit by Cure53](
* Always [verify authenticity]( of the MyCrypto Desktop App.
* Always download from [](

####Here are some images of the desktop app: [Imgur Album](

**Download the app at [](**

###You can no longer use private keys, mnemonics, or keystores on the website.

* Why? Because it’s [safer & more secure](
* You can still use your [Ledger]( and [TREZOR]( hardware wallet on the web.
* You can still use your [MetaMask]( on the web.
* You can still use your [Parity Signer]( on the web.
* Or you can use the [Desktop Applications]( for accessing your raw private keys, mnemonic phrases, and keystore files.

**Visit MyCrypto at [](**

####Q: Wait, why are you disabling everything? What do I do now? 

**A: You can still use your private keys, mnemonics, and keystores on the MyCrypto Desktop App. Here’s a [visual aid for what you can do, and where](**

Reddit-friendly table:

Method | [Desktop App]( | [Website](
Ledger | YES | YES
Parity Signer | YES | YES
MetaMask/Web3 | – | YES
Private Key | YES | –
Keystore File | YES | –
Mnemonic Phrase | YES | –

###Moon Mode!

Over time we’ve gotten lots of requests for a dark theme. With this release, we’re happy to deliver that! Officially, we’re calling it Moon Mode… because why not?

Images of Moon Mode can be viewed here: [Imgur Album](

**Activate on the [ website]( by clicking the toggle at the bottom.**

**Activate on the [MyCrypto Desktop App]( by clicking the logo on the top left.**

MyCrypto 1.2.0 has a LOT more updates than what we’ve shown above, including bug fixes, gas fixes, updated translations, and enabling Monero swap. 

Full release notes (61 PRs, ~24,000 line changes) can be viewed [on our GitHub](

[This post can also be viewed on our Medium blog](

Thank you for your support, your feedback, and everything else. We’re excited to keep moving towards a safer and seamless-er environment.

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