NavCoin releases iOS PWA Wallet, decentralized community fund launching in a few days,

So first off: I’m invested in NavCoin so I’m not unbiased

This week NavCoin released their awesome wallet NavPay for iOS as a [progressive web app]( or PWA for short. This is great for two reasons:

1. iOS users are now able to use NavPay on their phones to make NavCoin payments on the go and

2. this circumvents the need for Apples approval while still being tolerated by them. It’s not some cheap trick, it’s a feature encouraged by Apple

NavCoin has been in limbo with Apple ever since the initial release of NavPay in december but had no luck being approved so far and the App Store version is still pending approval. Vertcoins app was recently denied their app so using a PWA is currently the best way to get crypto apps in the App Store. Furthermore PWAs have far less priviledges on your phone since they run in isolated web browser instances.

Please note that PWA is only available on iOS 11.3.x. Read more about NavPay 4.1 [here](

You can see a video [here]( on how to get the PWA on iOS.

##Community fund

The community fund was voted on by the NavCoin stakers around turn of the year and was approved. The first phase of the community fund will kick off with the next wallet update and will start accumulating coins into the fund.

#What is the community fund?

The community fund is a fully decentralized and autonomous way of funding community proposals of all kind be it development initiatives or marketing projects. Anyone is able to create a proposal that is then voted on by all stakers in the network. Once the proposal is accepted by the network the proposer can begin work on the project and can present his work to the community again in order to be paid once they agree – again by staking votes – that his project is indeed completed. This prevents the funds to be paid out before the work is actually completed. You can read more about the community fund [here](

The accumulation phase will begin with a new soft fork that will begin collecting 0.25 NAV each block to the fund where they will be sitting until the ability to create proposals is unlocked on the main net at which point it can start paying out. The idea behind this timeline is that this will enable a quicker start once the community fund is launched as there will already be funds to work with and secondly that is allows the devs to further stresstest the fund to make sure it cannot be drained on the dev-net.

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