Curious what old TCPIP connection payments look like? the 1st #bitcoin transaction (from Satoshi to Hal Finney) was a uncompressed pub key, for which no address format exists, sent using a deprecated direct p2p payment method

Curious what old TCPIP connection payments look like? the 1st #bitcoin transaction (from Satoshi to Hal Finney) was a uncompressed pub key, for which no address format exists, sent using a deprecated direct p2p payment method

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Penguin Shooter – A Bitcoin Lightning Network powered RPG

Hi everyone. With this post I would like to present a demo game, which I have been developing the last 6 months.
Yesterday I released it on twitter and it got far more attention that I thought ([]( So now I want to share it with you on reddit in case you don’t use twitter.

This game is a RPG in which you are a soldier who has to fight against animals to level up.
You unlock ingame content with paying LN invoices. The invoices are displayed inside the game as a QR code that you can scan with your phone or simply click it to copy it to clipboard if you use a desktop LN wallet.

You can unlock the following stuff with almost instant LN payments:

– open a door/ box/ toilet
– spawn animals (that you have to fight against)
– buy some stuff for your inventory: hp/mp potion, apples/bananas/kiwis (use them as grenades)
– buy a tiger that fights along with you
– buy a new life if you die
– buy upgrades for your character (faster speed/ reduced gun and skill cooldown)

The prices are fairly low. Playing through the whole demo should take you about 1 hour and 1$ in BTC payments.

The beauty is: You decide what you want to buy!! If you think upgrading your skill is too expensive, you don’t have to buy it! You are bored? You can quit anytime (your lvl and items are saved when closing the game)

You just pay what you want to have!!

Near the top left corner of the game you have a counter that starts whenever you create an invoice and it stops when it is paid. It’s a nice tool to measure how quick LN really is!!


If you are interesting in seeing what this game is, you can watch a YouTube review (Thanks to the author of that video!!)
[Professor Meow – Penguin Shooter Review](


If you are interested in playing this game, you need a LN wallet and a windows machine (the game is a .exe file).
You can download it on [](

If you want to play it, you should also consider reading my [medium article](

If you want to get updated on this project, you can follow me on [](

If you want to connect to my LN node: [](


Please be aware of the following:

– This is a demo game made by a hobby programmer. There are still small bugs and maybe the game is not perfectly balanced regardig leveling and figthing.

– The game connects to my Raspberry Pi LN node to create invoices and to check if they were paid. My Node runs 24/7, but if the game does not display invoices (you see a red label on the left) then please forgive me and try it again later (if there are no invoices, ofc you also don’t pay anything)

– In this game you have to pay for a lot of stuff, because this is a LN demo which wants to show how easy LN payments are. But the prices are not very high (fighting 1 sheep costs 5 sats).


Are you a Unity developer and want to integrate LN payments into your own project?
Check out [](
or [](

Thanks a lot for the community support that I got on twitter. This really encourages me to continue developing stuff like this, even if it is hard work. Also thanks to the reddit community as you cheared me up during the bear market!

Keep #hodling and ciao,
Donno_ (PenguinShooter)

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Turning a dairy farm into an eco-responsible cricket farm that use ASIC machines for heating =)

We are exited to announce that we have purchased our farm !

The project is to turn an old dairy farm into a cricket farm. We will also be working to make a mining operation (ASIC/BITCOIN) to heat our farm.

Stay tuned for daily publication regarding our progress.

Why did we start a cricket farm ?

1. **Crickets are a much more eco-friendly than traditional meat.**

In fact, crickets have a much lower impact on the planet. Its production requires 12 times less fodder resources and about 2000 times less water. Finally, it is also responsible for 100 times less greenhouse gas emissions !

2. **Offers better nutritional qualities.**

Cricket powder contains 2 to 3 times more complete protein than beef steak of equivalent weight. Crickets will also bring you more iron, more vitamins, and more fiber.

3. **We want to help end world hunger.**

World population is slated to top nine billion by 2050, and seeing as how arable land is being rapidly swallowed by towns and cities, oceans are increasingly overfished, and climate change is disrupting traditional farming. The report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says that eating insects could help boost nutrition and reduce pollution. It notes than over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects.

Facebook @Grevio

Instagram @GrevioFarm

Twitter @Grevio2

Reddit [/u/grevio](

Source: [](





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