The DutchX is paving the road towards a fully decentralized exchange

The DutchX is paving the road towards a fully decentralized exchange.

Current decentralized exchanges are not living up to what they promise. They incline to be non-custodial protocols that, apart from guaranteeing a safer scenario for fund storage, are prone to [cheating and lack liquidity.](

The DutchX is taking it several steps further by providing an open trading protocol that, by design, attracts liquidity, guarantees fair prices, and eliminates any form of front-running by not relying on an order book model.

The DutchX is currently being designed and built by Gnosis, but has a clear objective to become fully decentralized and governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), capable of adjusting smart contract logic, modifying parameters, and more.

Learn more about it in [this blog post.](

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Tool for faster trades on social media news about coins that you hold


I made and have been using a little python program for myself for years now, where i can manage my social media push notifications on mobile. On request i now implemented a website version for everyone..

Basically you paste a subreddit or twitter url and set filters (f.e. contains phrases or min karma) to your needs. Then you will receive fitting posts to your connected devices.

Now simply put all niche-relevant finance/news channels in there and filter it so you get notified whenever something is posted about bitcoin/altcoin/stock/whatever that you hold or watch -> instant buy/sell. It was often really helpful/lucrative to get a certain info a few hours or even minutes sooner. I hope it helps you too!

You can find the beta version under [](


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