Electroneum invited to mobile world confrence

Electroneum is at the Mobile world congress as we speak. They will be there through March 1st spreading the word about crypto currencies and potentially making partnerships and contacts for the future.

All aboard the HODL train! Next stop, Da Moon!

EDIT: https://electroneum.com/2018/02/02/electroneum-to-exhibit-at-the-mobile-world-congress/

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Rhetorical question: Who’d get hit the hardest from a PoW change? Bitmain with it’s billions in cash reserves, independent miners or potential Bitmain competitors in early production phase?

What luke and cøbra are trying to achieve by advocating a PoW change really is beyond me.

I’m starting to believe they named the “[Cobra Effect](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_effect)”
specifically after him.

He already [sounds](https://twitter.com/CobraBitcoin/status/927548223841030144) exactly like Roger Ver:

>Not imposing anything on anyone. Users that want to transact properly will upgrade, those that don’t will suffer on original chain.

Welcome to 2018! The owners of bitcoin,org and bitcoin,com both attacking Bitcoin in unisono. Each promoting their favorite shitcoin flavor…

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