MimbleWimble’s Story

I love the Satoshi Nakamoto story and the mystery around it. There’s another tale about the MimbleWimble privacy protocol, and it’s just as intriguing. Source: [Let’s Talk Bitcoin #356](https://soundcloud.com/mindtomatter/ltb-356-privacy-on-the) with Andreas Antonopolous and Adam Levine.

* A user who has never logged in before shows up in Bitcoin developer’s IRC channel
* Goes by the name of “Tom Elvis Jedusor” (French anagram for “Je suis Voldemort.” In English, Harry Potter’s archnemesis Lord Voldemort went by the name of Tom Marvolo Riddle)
* Posts one message to Tor site, logs out and is never seen again
* Tor site has paper written by user, entitled “MimbleWimble”
* In the Harry Potter universe, “MimbleWimble” is a spell that makes the target tongue-tied, which is a reference to privacy
* MimbleWimble was already a fully formed idea when the user dropped it
* No one has any idea who this person is


The math around it is very cool as well.

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GET Ticketing Protocol – Cutting out the middleman!

I do own some, but this is more of something I want to use than something I want to profit of, and the only way is adoption. GETS is a working product looking to increase transparency of the ticketing industry, stopping scalpers and buying bots once and for all.

Removes ticket fraud by creating a trustless ecosystem.
Decreases third-parties fees.
Remove scalping,
Partnerships already in place,
In use in the Netherlands for music festivals


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