Destream Platform Fees Structure

The platform’s commission fee is reduced to 0.77%, which allows streamers to make more income in the process. There are no restrictions in that there are uniform conditions for the making of deposits or withdrawals using the same commission with no regards to the currency or the method used for making deposits.

The viewer on the platform chooses a service from the ones provided on the catalog and is directly connected to the streamer. The viewer then pays the donation. He gets the information as to whether the service may be displayed during the gameplay or it be pushed to the next stream.

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What would be the best website where I can get information like daily active address, volume, transaction fee etc. (bitcoin and other crypto)?

But i don’t like []( because it has some mistakes:

1. Sometimes active addresses less than sent from addresses (example: LTC 2016-07-29, but i see this for BTC too). This is mistake since in reality number of active addresses can’t be less than “sent from addresses”.
2. I don’t think that the chart bitinfocharts is correct: see 2018-01-04 – 2018-01-11 in [](, [](, [](, second and third charts similar, but not similar to [](

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