Goldman Sachs strategist belittling the effects the unbanked people can have on the existing financial system

Allison Nathan: cryptocurrencies are only viable “in some corners of the world” that lack reliable banking systems. I don’t care about her opinion on cryptocurrencies but such belittling on the people living in these “corners” is repulsive. So these people are too insignificant to deserve a change in the status quo? So it’s ok that while she has her 20% annual returns on her assets, people in these “corners” hide their life savings under their beds, worrying about the security of all the have day and night (this was my grandma some years back)? 2 billion ADULTS (more than half of all adults) don’t have access to a basic bank account, let alone secure investment instruments. It’s so easy for them to brush aside the problem of financial exclusion when they are reaping benefits from the existing systems. Get out of the ivory tower and look around before getting downed in the rising tide.

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