San Francisco Bitcoin community: I’m a journalist for Bitcoin Magazine and I’m coming to SF for a week (jan 11-18) to live exclusively on BTC. Help me out?

Like the title says, trying to use only bitcoin all week to get around/eat/sleep/survive. I’m writing an article about it for Bitcoin Magazine (some of you might recall [Kashmir Hill did this for Forbes in 2013](

Taking notes from her, I want to see if it’s any easier now than it was then and if the landscape of services that accept btc has grown in diversity and number.

Food should be covered–living too. But transportation hasn’t been solved (thinking of buying a bike on craigslist).

So any bay area folk know of any bike rental shops that accept bitcoin? Any fringe ride share services? Any way I can get a bart pass with it?

I also want to know any and every place that accepts it and all of the services/experiences/goods I can spend it on.

I’ve done some research for places that accept it ([coinmap is a tight resource](, but I’m wondering if there are some that it can’t pick up (any other resources like this?)

Open to anything and everything and will be incredibly grateful for any help or direction given!

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