Sneaky miner virus on pc

So I was doing stupid shit with my pc( like always) and accidentally caught my eye on the cpu usage.

[**My cpu usage**](


And the cpu usage upon opening ‘Task Manager’

[**Cpu usage, while Task manager is open**](

Noticed the drop on cpu usage ? This drop happens you open your TM to check your cpu usage, but the miner closes itself to avoid suspicion. Miner also stops when you disconnect from internet (obviously).

[**And here is the usage when I close the Task manager** ](

The sudden spike shows that right after closing the Task manager the miner started.

Problem is that it also stops running when any antivirus is ran and I tried using Windows powershell to find the usage but unfortunately its nested in svchost and reinstalling windows is the only option.

This takes on avg. 30% of your cpu usage.


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