Some useful cases of the Istrium project ⚙️⚡️ Let me know your thoughts

Istrium is just launching his project.
It will provide :
⚙️ A blockchain generator, trough a friendly interface and without any line of code.

⚒ A customer area to manage your blockchain.

📈 A trading place where can be automatically added the cryptocurrencies created.

🔎 A search engine in the associated blockchains.

But why ?

As Facebook, Telegram, Kodak or even Michael Owen, many entity launch their own blockchains.
You can find many different useful cases, as :

💰 ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for IPO (Initial Public Offering). Each token takes the role of an action, the company defines the value of each token according to its capital. (E.g.: 1 token = 0.001% of the value of the company).

📁 Data storage (decentralised & tamper-proof).

🎁 Crowdfunding (rewarding participation with tokens).

🛍 Commercial loyalty programmes, local money etc.

Contact :
[🖥 Website](

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