Gabriele Rigo AMA – ASK ME ANYTHING about RigoBlock

I’m Gabriele Rigo, founder of RigoBlock. AMA!


We’ve created the first protocol for asset management, live on Ethereum. Now we’re decentralizing and giving up control through the Proof-of-Performance model. Ask me anything.


The RigoBlock Proof of Performance Algorithm: [](


RigoBlock, a Protocol for Decentralized Asset Management: [](

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Reddit AMA: I have been running one of the largest and most successful cryptocurrency trading academies for the last two years ask me anything.

The Academy: [](

Currently teaching 387 students
Built around our private Slack channel
A 6 part course with 17 hours of trading content
Extension lessons showing all of our historic trades (over 100+ hours)

I doubt 113 people from Reddit will apply off this post alone, but we do have a strict limit of 500 members to ensure the quality stays as high as possible for our students.

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I’m Richard Craib, founder of Numerai and Erasure. AMA!

[Thanks for the amazing questions. God bless r/ethereum. I’ll check back for more qs later.]

We’ve made one of the most used tokens on Ethereum. Now we’re decentralizing NMR and giving up control. Ask me anything.

Proof it’s me:

Redesigning Ethereum’s Most Used Token:

Erasure, An Unstoppable Predictions Marketplace:

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AMA with Lode (Cryptographic Silver Monetary System on the Blockchain) Today @ 11am PST

I am not invested in Lode at present but it does interest me as it seems they’ve worked out a viable model for monetizing “the people’s money” (silver) on the blockchain, which they (like myself and many of you) recognize as an undervalued commodity underutilized in its historical monetary capacity. I imagine plenty of questions could by asked by those who’ve taken at least a cursory look at [Lode](; It is a fairly unique project with a physically vaulted/audited/insured store-of-value component and dual token system (LODE & AGX).

Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry will be participating side by side with Lode, as Lode recently announced they are working with BCF in a dev/consult capacity and also chose Syscoin’s Asset/Token platform – so questions related to those aspects can be answered as well. I am somewhat invested in Syscoin – hence my awareness of this AMA.


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