Atlas AMA with The Crypto Lark

The Crypto Lark just carried an AMA with Wu Zan, CEO of ZANADU and his latest project; Atlas! Atlas is a project that is trying to take the travel industry to the Blockchain.

In the interview, Zan explains the current problems in the travel industry where the system is centralized with a few big players controlling the travel ecosystem. Zan explains that the current websites make 15-20% in commissions on the money made in the ecosystem while Atlas tries to take back the money to the vendors as well as Data Generators (Users).

Atlas wants to pay users for things such as reviews or other relevant content. Atlas also tries to give the user complete control over their data which is something seriously lacking in the current ecosystem – and a growing concern!

Zan explains that vendors currently do not have access to important data for decision-making. Such as how many people are visiting a certain hotel, and what sort of people are they? He explains that Shangri La as an example would want to know the type of people on the platform that booked other hotels. This is something that is unavailable to vendors such as Shangri La currently.

The ecosystem also allows vendors to save the 15-20% that they are currently paying. In turn, Atlas asks the vendors to spend 5% (which they save by using the platform) to incentivize to content creators. Thus starting a spiral of effort and reward. Where it becomes more interesting for both parties in the long-term.

The complete video can be found here with many more insights on the project and the current problems in the ecosystem: [](

Atlas is currently in ICO stage with an impressive team and highly relevant advisers from Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La Group, Morgan Stanley, and more. Full list of team and advisers can be found on the website.

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