// Interest spikes outside of the “crytpo bubble” we all live in // Adbank 2018 overview // RedBull & Austrian Government pilot // Working product // every target on roadmap hit // patented tech // whats next: 2019 // Introducing “BLADE”; staking, ad-blocking and being rewarded for watching ads //

The year has been quite exciting for [Adbank](https://adbank.network/) and its community.

For me, i didn’t even realize the difficulties the advertisers and publishers face each and every day, losing billions of dollars each year, before researching the markets and getting to know what Adbank is about. Here’s a pretty interesting article, referring to a poll made with senior advertising execs, on if they believe blockchain is the future of advertising and briefly going over the problems the industry faces.



The team has been executing their plan well and exceeding all expectations. Here’s a short summary of what they have been doing

* *Launching their ICO and reaching the hard cap*
* *building the tech and launching a fully working product*
* *acquiring an existing ad-network “Ecig-media”*
* *Running pilots with RedBull, the Austrian government, Adweek and Flixxell.* [*Article about it on Forbes.*](https://www.forbes.com/sites/ginaclarke/2018/09/25/the-viral-video-that-convinced-the-austrian-national-tourism-office-to-embrace-blockchain/#17e9fc041b5a)
* *Every milestone on the roadmap executed*
* *Patented tech*
* *Making a name for themselves within the targeted industry (United Nations, Adweek, IAB, QNYcreative, 3%movement and so much more)*
* *new hirings and advisors*

**So, with all this achieved, what are the next milestones for Adbank?**

The CEO, Jon Gilham, has stated that the line for running pilots has never been this full. After RedBull and the Austrian government ran their pilots and Angelo & Kelsey (Executive team) talked in front of the advertising industries elite, Interest has spiked within the whole industry and Adbank is spreading like wildfire. Jon said they have too many pilots lined up, of the same magnitude, that they need to hire more staff to handle it. next year will be very exciting times for the company with several major players within the industry willing to pilot the platform.

**Another exciting feature was released yesterday; Blade.**

Kelsey was a speaker at the 3%movement side to side with high ranking executives in the advertising industry when they announced “BLADE” for the first time. People from Apple, AirBnB, IBM, LInkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and many many more.

Kelsey dropped by in the telegram chat to give an update to the community about the most recent conference:


>”Hi everyone!! :wave: sorry I’m jumping in and not looking up— am running around at the world’s biggest women in advertising conference. Just wanted to share some highlights….
>My session was so packed they were sitting on the floor. EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t walk. They were all people who work at agencies who control major budget.
>It was so buzzed about, I heard people talking about Blockchain and my talk in the hall and just so excited they could “talk about Blockchain at holiday parties”.
These opportunities are the ones that will help take ADB to the next level.
>Agencies are excited. Brands are feeling the FOMO, and we literally have to have the team dealing with the follow ups because I can’t manage it all.
>If you want to see who is here, check out [www.3percentmovement.com](http://www.3percentmovement.com/) and look at this conference line up.
>They referred to me as the most famous female in crypto (debatable, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: for sure. But THEY said it!)
>The live stream will be available online, I’ll find the link and share. It was awesome and you’d all be so proud. The Adbank love is STRONG!!!!!!”


About Blade, it’s a browser extension to implement an ad-blocker. It blocks all ads not powered by the Adbank platform and shows the ones that are. With the extension plugged in, you will earn ADB tokens for each ad you view. Now to the interesting part, there will be a staking mechanism. The more you stake, the more % of ADB tokens you earn per ad you watch. Adbank announced that they will be partnering with some of the top crypto related publishers and advertisers to provide this opportunity for the crypto community first, since this model is familiar to us.

read more about it here: [https://medium.com/adbank-blog/adbank-token-ecosystem-update-b7c70f9cdd03](https://medium.com/adbank-blog/adbank-token-ecosystem-update-b7c70f9cdd03)


Adbank will get more traction and awareness inside and outside of the crypto space in 2019 through all of this what is happening. Which leads me to believe Adbank could be one of the top gainers of 2019 with a current market cap of 2 000 000 USD.



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