If you like Crypto and you want to buy and sell things for Crypto Please check out our new app ReceiptChain

You can post the price in whatever currency you like and bitcoin and ethereum are built into the wallet, but you’re welcome to transact outside the wallet. One of the things the app lets you do is transfer the record of the item to the next user. It’s pretty hand for figuring out where things came from! Please give it a try.


Votes are also very much appreciated.



Project website:



Thank you.

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A Finance App That Incorporates Cryptocurrencies – An Approach That Encourages Mass Adoption

Plutus has just announced they are becoming a finance platform that lets you access and manage your fiat and crypto within a single app. You can create a Plutus current account and deposit GBP/EUR, and you can also attach your cryptocurrency wallet giving you access to both in one user interface.

You can also convert between the two money types using their DEX integrated into the app. You can spend straight out of your Plutus account using the existing Visa/Mastercard infrastructures and earn PLU rewards in the process.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on, it’s basically a non-custodial mobile banking app that includes crypto.

The Full Announcement: [https://medium.com/plutus-it/plutus-2-0-your-future-payments-financial-stack-3ce9d5d6fb0c](https://medium.com/plutus-it/plutus-2-0-your-future-payments-financial-stack-3ce9d5d6fb0c)

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The 1st Bitcoin News Audiocast App Launches Open Beta!

# I’m proud to introduce [Coinverse](https://mailchi.mp/c6912adf3367/coinverse); bitcoin news, audiocasts, video, and text all in one world.


Four years ago, I left my ads partnership consulting job and learned how to code because I had the passion to craft simple solutions for unsolved problems. At the same time in late 2014 I was becoming a cryptocurrency enthusiast first listening to 1 or 2 podcasts out of curiosity, then expanding to checking many sources each day. During the last big wave of growth I thought wouldn’t it be great if someone automated this…


[Coinverse](https://mailchi.mp/c6912adf3367/coinverse) scans the universe looking at thousands of sources. The content retrieved then passes through multiple layers of atmospheric filters based on factors such as keywords, topics, quality of the source, etc. in order ensure the information touches land safely on your feed.


While a select number of apps focus on crypto, none provide the ability to easily organize content and listen on the go. Having the ability to discover and listen to quality content at work, during the commute, or while completing other tasks saves time and adds value to your day.


# I’d love your feedback on the first [public beta](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.coinverse) launch on the Play Store or to [keep in touch](https://mailchi.mp/c6912adf3367/coinverse) via email as Coinverse expands to new platforms.



Thank you!

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