New Music, AWS integration & New Developments


*“Qtum’s launch in the AWS marketplace provides an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based solution for end users and the Enterprise. Anyone who wants to develop/build DApps on the Qtum platform or use it as a staking node will benefit from this.” — Qtum Foundation* [*CIO*]( *Miguel Palencia…*

### [Lost Under Heaven]( has partnered with Vevue!

Over the next few months we will be working with LUH, using the Vevue Request model to demonstrate new ways for musicians to interact with their fans and audiences. Watch for new songs each week throughout Aug/Sept. With new unreleased music videos to follow. During October we’ll collaborate on a promotion to crowdsource video content for a special music video release. As LUH prepares to release their newest album they will embark on US “tour diary” interacting with fans through Vevue Request. Tour dates, locations and new Vevue features coming.

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Ethereum node on AWS

Hello! I just created an ethereum node on AWS and i currently have it running on the ec2 instance using parity based on this tutorial: [](

Is there a way i can visualize the UI of this node? Just loading its public DNS throws me an error stating the webpage does not exist.

I am pretty new to this and someone please help me out.


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A very high percentage of EOS Block Producers are on AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba.

Hi, was an EOS supporter until the mods started to censor my post about the fishy things going on between ECAF, BPs and their constitution. Also BPs are lying to community that they are using super expensive hardware and whatnot. They are earning 10,000 USD per *DAY* for running those nodes on cloud server which would cost them $5,000 a month?

Bitfinex – Google Cloud

EOS New York – Google Cloud


Cypherglass – possibly bare

EOS Seoul – AWS

Cannon – Alibaba

Cryptolion – possibly bare

EOS Cafe – Google Cloud

EOS Canada – Google Cloud

EOS Authority – AWS

Jedaaaaa – AWS

Huobipool – Beijing Cloud-Ark Technology

EOS Gravity – Google Cloud

Liquid EOS – Dimension Data Cloud Solutions

Zbeosbp – Alibaba

42 Freedom – Google Cloud

EOS Genesis – Possibly bare

Meet One – AWS

Argentina – Google Cloud

hello eos – AWS

beijing bp – AWS

sys korea bp – AWS

EOS Store – AWS

eossweden – bare

brazil – bare

greymass – bare

flytomars – AWS

eosasia11111 – Google Cloud

amsterdam – AWS

eoslaomaocom – Google Cloud

eosnodeonebp – AWS

libertyblock – microsoft

sheos21sheos – AWS

tokenika – bare

eosunion1111 – Alibaba

eosbixinboot – Alibaba

aus1genereos – AWS

eosnationftw – digital ocean (LOL)

eosafricaone – bare

eosdublinwow – microsoft

oraclegogogo – China

eosphereiobp – AWS

eossv12eossv – AWS

eostribeprod – bare

eosnairobike – bare

eosfishrocks – digital ocean (LOL)

How I checked it? Look at their peering endpoint. Find the IP addresses of each endpoint, and then use []( to find out who own those IP addresses. You can find IP by looking at bp.json

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