if I run a bitcoin core node with bitcoind and –disablewallet, which api commands get disabled?

According to the [bitcoind API docs](https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Running_Bitcoin), the `-disablewallet` option will result in “not loading the wallet and disabling wallet RPC calls”. However, I didn’t find any information on which RPC calls are considered “wallet RPC calls”.


Disclaimer: I searched the internet with no success and I’m not a native English speaker, so forgive me any probably existing mistakes I made.

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How do you monitor state of your bitcoind node?


Recently I have installed bitcoind on my local machine, was running it in testnet for a while, and was interested how can I monitor it’s state (last block, if the node in sync with blockchain, what load on server it creates, etc.) besides making calls via bitcoin-cli manually but using some web UI instead. I found some open source tools to do that, for example this one – [**https://github.com/jlopp/statoshi**](https://github.com/jlopp/statoshi), which uses grafana to display data in graphs.

Do you know other ways to monitor state of the node in more graceful manner (without all cli commands)?

Thanks in advance!

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