Coding community meetup to welcome Solidity and coders working outside blockchain – Panama June 23 organised by Decent bet

Decent bet has announced a [Coding party]( to welcome Solidity and other coders for a meetup.

*In part of our on-going commitment to community outreach and development — and particularly the technology community — is hosting a Blockchain Coding Party in Panama, Saturday, June 23rd, 10am — 6pm

If you’re interested in learning and developing your skills in Solidity and blockchain, we invite you to apply to participate.

You do not need to have any experience with blockchain or Solidity to participate. We just want to get to know the community, help any interested in learning more, and expand our family.

We’ll have food and drinks on-site, and if interested you can learn to program smart contracts in Solidity to create tokens and blockchain applications in a fun, relaxed environment.*

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