Uranus in Taurus effects on bitcoin (BTC)

Disclaimer: This is just for fun.

Uranus in Taurus foretold last year’s run-up in BTC. https://www.jessicaadams.com/2017/04/04/uranus-in-taurus-in-astrology-to-2026/

Now that we are in Uranus in Taurus as of May 2018, we have 8 years of transformation we are going through through 2026. Uranus retrogrades end of the year but then goes back into Taurus early next year for a solid 6+ years.

During those 6+ years, we will see the following:

Lightning/etc, aka MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, becomes widely accessible/relatively user-friendly by the average joe. This will launch BTC to $100k+

Then we will see a bear after that hype. With a price perhaps bottoming to ~$30k(?)

Following, we will see Lightning and other bitcoin improvements gain mass adoption to the point where bitcoin becomes a UNIT OF ACCOUNT. This will drive the price to $1 million+.

And then perhaps another bear. Until 2032 when practically the entire supply (~99%) will have been mined and it will stabilize above $1 million+ value.

Remember, wisely used money has 3 attributes.

1. Store of Value (which bitcoin is now)
2. Medium of Exchange (which Lightning/etc is working on)
3. Unit of Account (which comes after the former 2 are established firmly)

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