Blockport voting contest is now live! Vote for your favorite coin to be added to the platform next (XLM, GO, XRM, DSH and more).

The Blockport voting contest is now live! They’re using Clearpoll and voting is free, however if you sign up at Clearpoll (also free) before voting, you’ll have a chance to win 2000 BPT as the Blockport team will pick 3 winners at the end of the contest.


Details here: [](


And, remember to create a free account at Blockport!

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a user thought of a devious way to capitalize on a coin giveaway


As reported in [Seoul Economy (Seoul Gyungjae)]( this evening, volume on cryptocurrency exchange [Bitbox]( has exploded, especially on transactions of [Stellar (XLM)]( As a result of the increased volume, the exchange sat at [#34]( on the global exchange rankings by volume when this was published. Bitbox was rarely found in the top 100 prior to this news.

Bitbox is currently running a promotion which awards BTC to users who pay a pre-determined amount of transaction fees in LINK, Bitbox’s exchange token. While the promotion may be the reason for the increase in transaction volume, it would not necessarily explain why XLM/BTC pair trades accounted for 99.84% of the total exchange trading volume of $69,986,455 in the last 24 hours (5:00 pm on Oct 10, Seoul).

Thousands of identical transactions involving 19,000 XLM were concluded. A total of more than 1.1 billion XLM coins were traded on Bitbox on the 9th and 10th. Previously, XLM was rarely traded on the exchange.

sneaky sneaky sneaky

Bitbox said they revoked those LINK tokens and aren’t letting that guy win.

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