Overstock.com is using FLO? A 3 year old coin..

Hello all,

I primarily trade my favourite altcoins on Bittrex and also like to browse here quite a bit. I have been seeing FLO as biggest gainer for almost a week straight. After some digging, I noticed a post on here which mentioned ‘FLO/Florin/Florincoin’ (cannot remember which), and I only was able to understand a bit of it, and cannot find anything about it online.

Anyways, I understand why FLO is cool from a technical standpoint, having Open Index Protocol (OIP). But I didn’t quite understand how it’s involved with Overstock.com

Why would a billion dollar company want to use FLO? … a 3 year old, no ICO, no premine coin, and then just not talk about it at all. That seems a bit shady, no?

I believe people should be investigating this more..

EDIT: This is the original source I am referring to: [https://medium.com/@valueprop/florincoin-the-tzero-connection-66697c81c873](https://medium.com/@valueprop/florincoin-the-tzero-connection-66697c81c873)

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