GFY Coinbase. Seriously. GFY.

Now that I know that my account could get disabled for saying (on some completely unrelated platform) whatever you deem politically incorrect that week, or if Alexa happens to overhear something at the dinner table that you deem inappropriate and so decide to freeze all my finances, I’ll be looking for new ways to cash into fiat until fiat is no longer necessary.

If anyone would like a 101 style lesson on how a fledgling innovator company might suicide itself, please direct all questions to /u/brianarmstrong.

EDIT: A lot of folks here don’t seem to understand that this post is in response to coinbase banning the account. This is after they had been DDOSed repeatedly, had their domain hosting revoked, PayPal and Patreon banned them in a supposedly uncoordinated effort to censor them.

A lot of you also don’t seem to understand jack all about censorship. Just be thankful those comments aren’t considered hate speech so you can have your financial accounts frozen. I hope you all enjoy living in the dystopia you gladly help build.

ONE MORE EDIT: for you guys who don’t understand the significance of this move, it’s like the phone company canceling your service and then calling your bank and convincing them to freeze your accounts because they don’t like what you said to your friend the other day.

Well since most of you folks only seem to care about money, here’s a [link]( to get $25 in free bitcoin.

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